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Trim Repairs

Custom Upholstery and Trimming specialise in the repair and maintenance of your vehicles interior. Torn seats, collapsed foams and sagging roof linings can be unsightly, uncomfortable and sometimes illegal.

Quality workmanship and service

Our attention to detail means that all repair work is conducted thoroughly and fully inspected for other common faults. The customer is kept informed of the condition of their full vehicle’s interior and ways to remedy small problems before they become larger.

Car roof lining repairs

Is the material on your roof lining hanging down? This can be annoying, dangerous and illegal. Our vast experience in roof lining repairs means it can be easily fixed. Common colours are held in stock for quick turn around, or change up the look with a range of colours and custom options available.

Roof lining repair before.jpg
Repairs to torn car seats

Seat trim and bolsters

Seat bolsters are a common wear point of your car’s interior. Torn material, cracked vinyl or leather and collapsed foams are a regular occurance and can be easily repaired.


The seats in utes, trucks and other work vehicles have a rough life and often require repair. These can be repaired and recovered as original, or re-trimmed in heavy duty fabric to stand up to the rigors of work use.

Seat trim and bolsters

Centre console lids and armrests


Centre console lids and armrests often wear out and can become torn or cracked. These can be repaired and recovered with new vinyl, cloth or leather to look like new.

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