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Motorcycle seat repairs and customisation

Custom Upholstery and Trimming can repair, recover or reshape your motorbike seat as desired.


Quad Bikes and Ag Bikes

On quad bikes and ag bikes, only the toughest marine grade vinyls are used to withstand the rigors of daily farm use.


Thick vinyls are used to withstand cuts and abrasions, with high UV Stability to survive years in the sun. It is common for the vinyl and foam on old farm bikes to be badly torn, worn away or missing completely. So long as the frame is good, there is nothing that cannot be fixed.

Dirt Bikes & Motor X Bikes

Dirt bike and Motor X bike seats can be repaired or re-shaped to provide the support needed. They can be re-trimmed in your desired colourways and gripper vinlys can be used to provide extra traction. We can even fit covers to your seats that have been purchased elsewhere or online.

Kids gripper seats

Custom motorcycle seats

your motorcycle can be given a complete new look and feel with a custom seat. If your seat is uncomfortable, doesn't suit your riding style or body shape, or just doesn't suit the look of your bike, we can help.


Seats profiles can be cut down, padded up or re-shaped before being re-trimmed in a custom design, or back to original style. Any combination of vinyl, leather, suede, croc skin, diamonds or other custom stitching can be used to create a seat that is comfortable, supportive and stands out from the crowd.

Adding a gel insert to your seat can improve comfort, or reduce numbness and fatigue on long rides. This can be done without effecting your original seat trim, or as part of a full re-style.

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